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The Tribals and their Agrofitnes re-inventor - Todor Kostadinov. Varieties like Zarchin, Raven’s eye, Pamid, Gamza, Tamyanka, Dimyat, recultivated in the terroir of Borovtzi. Produced with creative energy for an exquisite taste. Authentic wines created with artisanal approach in limited series, revealing the Bulgarian taste. An ancient exposition, degustation rooms and a guest house. Kostadinov is an impeccable guide who welcomes his guests with true hospitality, warm and caring attitude and perfect pairing of wine and food.

Ahinora Winery

Ahinora winery is a family project created in 2008. Their activity started by planting their own vineyards. Three years later, they built the cellar. In 2020, Antoaneta Genova, who graduated Enology in Bordeaux, France, joined the business. Today she is not only the winemaker, but also the soul of Ahinora. The family aims to grow mostly Bulgarian grape varieties. Their goal is to create fresh, elegant,close to nature, varietal products. Their aspiration is to show the richness and potential of the region expressed in white and rosé wines.

Bononia Estate

Bononia Estate is a beautiful tourist spot located right on the shore of the Danube River. The story behind the winery is like a journey through the centuries and unites traditions of three centuries: the building from 1895 is one of the first breweries in Bulgaria, later turned into a winery. In 2022 was opened a boutique hotel with restaurant, SPA, infinity pool, tasting and conference rooms. This preferred wine destination provides valuable experience to those who love travelling, luxury and wine!

Borovitza Wine Cellar

As an artisan wine cellar we aim mainly at crafting limited volumes of wines featuring the characteristics of the terroir. Our wines have assertive character and are produced with minimal technological intervention and no added sulfites. Part of the vineyards are located under the famous Belogradchik rocks. „I believe that crafting distinctive wines is more a philosophy and a way of life rather than a business.” – Ognyan Tzvetanov, Ph.D. Proprietor, winemaker

Château Burgozone

Château Burgozone is a family boutique winery surrounded by its own vineyards, picturesquely perched on the banks of the Danube River. The winery offers elegant, terroir wines made from hand-picked grapes, which can be enjoyed in fine dining restaurants in 24 countries on 4 continents. From the terrace of our Belle Vue pavilion you can enjoy the most breathtaking scenery combining vineyard, river, and island in Bulgaria. During the wine tour, we will guide you through the winemaking process starting from the vineyards, through the winery to the tasting glass. For groups we offer tasting with tapas.

The Jolly Vintners

“The Jolly Vintners” believe the ancestors have passed on the jolly craft of winemaking to us so we can have fun making wine. And that is what they do. Part of the wines are produced from their own vineyards, located in the area of Rechka near Vratsa, at the 42nd sign of the historic Botev road. They experiment with unusual varietal combinations and produce memorable wines in small batches. In 2022 they launched an innovative product for wine tourism: “The Gate to the Northwest” - tastings on the banks of Iskar river opposite the Ritlite landmark, where the visitors taste the diversity of Northwestern wine, paired with local delicacies.

Vidinska Gamza Estate

Vidinska Gamza Estate is a small family boutique winery. Created by the owners of over 600 decares of wine vineyards, of which 250 decares - of the Novoselska Gamza, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Muscat Otonel, Rkatsiteli, Pamid varieties, located in the area of the village of Novo Selo, Vidin region, it embodies the best traditions of the Novo Selo winemakers, famous for the production of high-quality wines in the region. We have our own cellar in the village of Novo Selo and we have focused our attention on the production of red and white wines in limited series, with exceptional attention being paid to every detail of the production process - from the cultivation of the vines, through the harvesting of the grapes in the most suitable for this moment, until the bottling of the finished wine and its presentation.

Villa Grivitsa

Villa Grivitsa is located 10 km from the town of Pleven. The boutique winery is in the heart of an area steeped in history and tradition in viniculture and winemaking. The wine is produced only from our own vineyards, spreading on over 500 decares, which we grow in an environmentally friendly way - without using pesticides, in order to preserve the purity of the vines and of the wine and also the health of our consumers. The capacity of the cellar is 500, 000 bottles per year.

Vrachanska Temenuga

Vrachanska Temenuga is a modern small family winery with the capacity to process 100 tons of grapes per year. The winery is located close to the town of Vratsa, in Deri Vol area, and has all that is needed for producting quality wine. The goal of the owners is to develop the potential of the traditional local variety Vrachanski Misket, by producing different types of products from it. They own 120 decares of this indigenous variety with unique qualities and aromas due to the specific terroir. The winery has a tasting room and a shop, allowing the customers to taste and buy their products.

Gorun Winery

Gorun is a boutique family owned winery in the town Iskar (30 km from Pleven). Our mission is to restore, preserve and upgrade the region’s centuries-old traditions in viticulture and winemaking and to produce premium wines. The vineyards were planted in 2015 on the windy hills along the Iskar river. The winery was founded in 2019. The unique microclimate of the area creates prerequisites for production of high-quality wines. We offer two Gorun brand series: Gorun reserve, aged in French oak barrels and Gorun varietal, with no oak. The enologist of the cellar is Svetoslav Krastev, who has extensive international experience and combines classic and innovative styles in winemaking from the New and Old World.

Dos Alamos Winery

Dos Alamos (Spanish for The Two Poplars) is a family boutique winery in North-West Bulgaria, a project of two adventurers and kindred spirits, unconditionally in love with wine. They built their dream and passion on the remains of the old winery dating from the beginning of the 20th century, which made Gamza red wine famous in the country and abroad. In 2000 began the impossible journey of the owners, after one of them drew the silhouette of a glass of wine and decided to make it his vocation. The company philosophy is to preserve, develop and popularize the traditional wines of the region.

Domaine Saint George

The history of the winery began about 20 years ago with planting of the first vineyards. About 5 years ago the apple garden was created. The winery was accomplished in 2022 with the concept of producing still and sparkling cider.

The winery is not open for visits.

Lilyache Winery

Lilyache Winery is a small boutique winery, located in an old stone building in a village of the same name, close to the rock phenomenon God‘s Bridge. The team is dedicated to recovering of Cinsault grape variety which was well-known in the past, by producing extremely elegant rosé from it. The production of white and rosé wines with a strong varietal character is the main focus of the winery. They also produce small quantities of red wines, based on Cinsault, with the well known varieties Merlot and Syrah. They are about to begin planting their own Cinsault vineyards.

Magura Winery 1967

Magura Winery was built and opened in 1967 in a region with unique climatic, geographic and historical landmarks. It is the first winery of its kind in Bulgaria producing natural sparkling wine in a unique classical way. The fermentation and maturation of wine and natural sparkling wine take place in one of the galleries of the cave Magura - gallery Prilepite (Bats) at constant temperature and humidity.

Novo Selo Winery

Novo selo Winery was established in 1939-1946 with the voluntary work of all the inhabitants of the village, following the example of the wineries of Southern France. From 2020 until now, a completely new production base is being built with modern new equipment.

Ponte Dio Wine Project

A wine project inspired by the natural landmark God’s Bridge near the town of Vratsa. The most important prerequisite for good wine are the vines. Our massifs are located in North-West Bulgaria, from where the characteristic regional variety Vrachanski Misket - the pride of the North-West - comes from. Near the town of Mizia is the larger vineyard massif, located on a southern slope with rich humus soil between the three rivers Danube, Ogosta and Skut. Here we grow the varieties Vrachanski Misket, Riesling, Chardonnay and Traminer. The air currents on the high hill help the grapes to be healthy and ripe. The wines here are strongly influenced by the superb Danube terroir.

Svishtov Winery

Svishtov Winery is the heir to almost 100 years of winemaking tradition. Through the large investments in technology of the highest class, including a micro-wine sector and a modern bottling line, we want to show the Bulgarians that when there is a will, there is a way. Our rich product range, from the golden Aureus to Rakiata (the Brandy), aged over 25 years, can delight every visitor and taste.

Tipchenitza Winery

Tipchenitza Winery is a small boutique winery in the picturesque village of Tipchenitza, located in the hilly North-West of Bulgaria. The region boasts centuries-old traditions in quality wine production as well as some of the best grape varieties. In each sip of our wine you can feel the soil, the favourable climate and the craftsmanship of the winemakers. We specialise in the production of various boutique series of high quality wines both from our own vineyards planted on the hills above the village only a few kilometers from the cellar, and from selected varieties in our region.

Haralambievi Family Vineyards & Winery

Guided by the idea that terroir wine is created in the vineyard, for a long time all our efforts were directed there. We started with old Tekezesar vineyards southwest of Pleven, which we restructured on both banks of the Vit river in the area of the villages of Sadovets and Petarnitsa. Investing German know-how and taking into account the specifics of the region, we created four wonderful vineyards. Now we make wine in our new cellar in the village of Gorni Dabnik, where we also built a modern tasting room.

Château ChaTony

Château ChaTony wine complex opened in the autumn of 2021 and has a boutique hotel, a modern restaurant with amazing panoramic view, four wine tasting rooms, a swimming pool, a spa center and six secluded cottages. It‘s located in close proximity to the city of Mezdra and 90 km from the capital Sofia. The wine cellar is modern and has a high-tech equipment, with the capacity to process 500 tons of grapes per year. The product range includes white, red and rosé fresh dry wines that mature in stainless wine steels, and a small part - in 225 l French oak barrels.

Institute of Viticulture and Enology, Pleven

The Institute was founded in 1902. It has a unique cellar, where the oldest collection of wines in Bulgaria is stored. You have the opportunity to taste wines from grapevine varieties bred at the Institute.